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Protecting Your Vision

Eye Vitamins

Bausch + Lomb offers NEW PreserVision® Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement AREDS 2 formula for individuals with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This formula is based on the latest emerging science around slowing the progression of AMD and contains the same ocular antioxidants as are being tested in one of the study arms of AREDS2 currently underway.

The potential benefits of eye vitamin and mineral supplements should be discussed with your eye care professional.

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Maintaining good eye health

In addition to taking vitamin and mineral supplements designed for eye health, make sure you schedule regular eye exams with your doctor, protect your eyes from UV radiation, and become smoke-free if you currently are not. These are important steps you can take to maintain healthy eyes throughout your life. Encourage your friends and family members to protect their eye health too.